Wednesday, April 9, 2008

# 23 The Finish Line

Pant , pant , that's it , I'm over the finish line . A sometimes hurried (or is that harried?) journey , littered with questions, laughs , exclamations, sighs of relief and the odd expletive !
Thanks, Paul and ERL for allowing me to take part in 2.0.

# 22 Audio Books

World EBook Fair Site - one word = WOW !!Fancy being able to revisit all my childhood favourites such as AA Milne, LM Montgomery and Johanna Spyri plus many authors that I am enjoying now.
Haven't an MP3 player but may put it on my Christmas list from MM.
A boon for the visually impaired or reluctant readers as a good book can take you anywhere.
I am too scared to listen to audio books in the car as I feel I may get too involved and forget where I am going!

#21 Podcasts , Smodcasts

At long last I know that a podcast is a non - musical audio or video. Couldn't our staff meetings take on a whole new look and feel? An absent BM could still make her presence felt!
Great for students to share knowledge and to make presentations to teachers etc. It's a big,wide, techno world out there.

# 20 You Too Can You Tube

Fun , fun , fun . Enjoyed You Tube and could still be playing . Liked the following videos - Very Funny Cats , Living Legends ( I could be one when I finish 2.0) and Library Dominoes , which was obviously not done on Easter Tuesday !!!
Problem of course is that policing needs to be up to date to stop offensive videos being viewed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

# 19 Discovering Web 2.0 tools

Visited the Web 2.0 Awards and the winners are -
1/ - where I could have my secret manuscript published and feature on Lulu's site . I don't need to send it off to hundreds of publishers.
2/ LibraryThing - where I can see who likes what I like in the bookworld .
3/ - a great site if you live in the USA - it predicts domestic fares and refunds you if they are wrong and you pay too much for your ticket. A boon for regular flyers.

#18 Online Productivity - ZohoWriter

Opened up a ZohoWriter a/c, put up a smiley face , added text and played with the fonts etc . Was going to see if I could transfer my text to my blog , but decided at this time of day , it was too ambitious.
Am more than ready now to peruse the Web 2.0 Awards.

#17 More WikiWiki

Added a very quick book review to a Wiki, and think I saved it OK.
Ready for the next step now . Am on a bit of a roll .