Monday, January 21, 2008

post no 3

Well ,time has been running away from me lately , so thought I had better log in before those mists completely blocked out my mind.
Was able to just assist Digger who was having trouble accessing a site in Blogland , yes , that's right , me , the dumbdumb technological person could help!! Miracles can and do occur in Blogland !!

Have just had a look at some of the entries posted by other libraries and some of the photos are great .
Loved the photo of the older lady helping the child as they are both engrossed in what they are doing and shows how Libraries work across the generations.
The second photo is of a library building and I think it's quaint and much nicer to look at than some of ours , but maybe we are better resourced.
Technology is a weird and wonderful thing when you are able to browse through information and then transfer photos across and post them to your blog.
I am feeling quite proud!

Monday, January 14, 2008

post no 2

I thought I was getting the hang of things , as I read a bit about flckr , signed up with Yahoo and then I had to remember my google sign in _ oops , what was it ? I only did it yesterday!! Will try and have more of a play tomorrow as the afternoon is nearly over and those mountains beckon.

Thought this photo was of a brick wall which would have been really appropriate !! Still , with some help from Digger , I have uploaded a photo and hopefully this will all magically appear on my blog and this typing has not been in vain!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Finally decided on a blog name , after much procrastinating , so hopefully future blog decisions will be easier!! If this is step one , then I'm nearly ready for step two as long as those mountain mists don't cloud my mind. Am not at all up to date with current technology so this journey should be a real eye opener for me and as MM ( my man ) doesn't even know how to turn the computer on , no help for me from home!