Wednesday, April 9, 2008

# 23 The Finish Line

Pant , pant , that's it , I'm over the finish line . A sometimes hurried (or is that harried?) journey , littered with questions, laughs , exclamations, sighs of relief and the odd expletive !
Thanks, Paul and ERL for allowing me to take part in 2.0.

# 22 Audio Books

World EBook Fair Site - one word = WOW !!Fancy being able to revisit all my childhood favourites such as AA Milne, LM Montgomery and Johanna Spyri plus many authors that I am enjoying now.
Haven't an MP3 player but may put it on my Christmas list from MM.
A boon for the visually impaired or reluctant readers as a good book can take you anywhere.
I am too scared to listen to audio books in the car as I feel I may get too involved and forget where I am going!

#21 Podcasts , Smodcasts

At long last I know that a podcast is a non - musical audio or video. Couldn't our staff meetings take on a whole new look and feel? An absent BM could still make her presence felt!
Great for students to share knowledge and to make presentations to teachers etc. It's a big,wide, techno world out there.

# 20 You Too Can You Tube

Fun , fun , fun . Enjoyed You Tube and could still be playing . Liked the following videos - Very Funny Cats , Living Legends ( I could be one when I finish 2.0) and Library Dominoes , which was obviously not done on Easter Tuesday !!!
Problem of course is that policing needs to be up to date to stop offensive videos being viewed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

# 19 Discovering Web 2.0 tools

Visited the Web 2.0 Awards and the winners are -
1/ - where I could have my secret manuscript published and feature on Lulu's site . I don't need to send it off to hundreds of publishers.
2/ LibraryThing - where I can see who likes what I like in the bookworld .
3/ - a great site if you live in the USA - it predicts domestic fares and refunds you if they are wrong and you pay too much for your ticket. A boon for regular flyers.

#18 Online Productivity - ZohoWriter

Opened up a ZohoWriter a/c, put up a smiley face , added text and played with the fonts etc . Was going to see if I could transfer my text to my blog , but decided at this time of day , it was too ambitious.
Am more than ready now to peruse the Web 2.0 Awards.

#17 More WikiWiki

Added a very quick book review to a Wiki, and think I saved it OK.
Ready for the next step now . Am on a bit of a roll .

#16 So What's in a Wiki

Just love the sound - wiki wiki ! Believe wikis can be very useful for community groups / clubs promoting meetings , putting up agendas etc. Students could benefit by reading about other sudents' experiences in certain subjects , feedback etc. Of course , the drawbacks are that anybody is free to add/ edit and one mustn't take all information posted on a Wiki as gospel.
Each branch could have a Wiki for staff news , meeting times , agenda and promotions within the Branch .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tagging , Folksonomies and Social bookmarking Post #12

Have had some annual leave and thought I would quickly visit , Technorati and Web2.0 Library 2.0 . I believe that many people would love , especially those who move between computers at work and at play . It is a time saving tool with many applications for students and those who just love playing on the computer.
Web2.0 Library2.0 shows that we as people working in libraries need to be prepared to embrace change and big changes are ahead !! Not only in the way Libraries look but how and what they offer their customers. Had a quick look at the website for Brisbane Square Library and Customer Centre.
Now , that's what I call a Library !! A real learning centre for their customers . Would be a very interesting place to work . It's now 5.00pm and that Easter traffic beckons and so does MM.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rollyo Post No 11

Yahoo !!! I did it!! Quickly decided to do womens' health as a subect for my searchroll, looked at a couple of sites and put them on my roll and then the big one , added the searchroll to my blog . Couldn't quite believe it when it worked !! I need to start having more faith in my own abilities . It's been amazing what information I've picked up and I am very pleased at what I've been achieving. A great learning journey and I have now reached that important halfway mark .
Can see that Rollyo has many applications as a useful tool for teachers , medicos , gardeners and hobbyists etc

Monday, February 25, 2008

Librarything Take 3 Post No 10

Thought that Bronte Girl would really appreciate Librarything , being the well ordered soul that she is. My library at home consists of mainly MM's sport books , a few classics and gardening tomes .They are shelved in a higgledy piggledy manner , aforementioned Bronte Girl would have to rearrange , I'm afraid. I am a borrower more than a buyer . Have just read and enjoyed Toni Jordan's debut novel , "Addition". It explores obsessive behaviour - in this case , counting, and when should medication be taken . Is it a quirky trait or a medical problem? A really good read and Toni will be at Croydon Library on March 13 th at 12.30pm.

Library Thing take 2 post No 9

Quickly revisited Librarything today and decided that these books are what should be on my bookshelves . The cooking gene missed me, but luckily No 2 son , has it , so all is not lost. I am still waiting for him to cook me and MM ( my man) a scrumptious dinner .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Library Thing Take 1 Post No 8

This is me rugged up against a cold mountain morning, pondering favourite authors and titles and trying to work out what else to add to my Library Thing account ( yes , another account with the obligatory password). I think I look a bit psychic so passwords should come to me in a flash .

Image Generators Take 2 Post No 7

No prizes for guessing what day it is.Have had problems today with Image Generators and not sure if it's my fault or not. Can hear "Digger " grumbling so am assuming he too is having difficulties.
Will keep practising though, and then next step forward in the Learning 2.0 tunnel will be Library Thing . So much to learn .

Monday, February 11, 2008

Image Generators Post No 6

Have had a very quick look at Image Generators, and will have more of a play after a much needed coffee break up on the mountain .Will definitely be back in the near future
"Digger "just looked over my shoulder and was suitably impressed when he realised what the name was on the coffee . This IS fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

RSS =really simple syndication Post 5

A busy blog day today as I joined and set up a Bloglines newsreader account and then even managed to add some feeds to it !! Impressed with myself. I added a weather one , a news one and Boing , because I liked the name!Reminds me of a former client whose business name was BOING , with it standing for Brink Of Insanity Neil Goodridge. A bit of trivia you didn't need to know , but what the heck ?
By my reckoning , I am moving along slowly but steadily towards the halfway mark of that learning 2.0 tunnel .

More Flickr Fun Post No 4

Had another look at Flickr mashups and tools today and could quite easily still be on it ! Looked at a mash up of a trip to Europe and Iceland and then went into tools . Some that I think could be useful are Flickr photosearch which searches by titles , tags or descriptions ;Flickr Organiser which helps you organise and display photos which would be really helpful after a holiday /trip when you have 100's of photos to go through.Another one which took my fancy was Alpha Learner - Flickr Mashup which helps children learn the English alphabet and language through photos. It could be a fun tool for Homework Support Groups to use in the Libraries.

Monday, January 21, 2008

post no 3

Well ,time has been running away from me lately , so thought I had better log in before those mists completely blocked out my mind.
Was able to just assist Digger who was having trouble accessing a site in Blogland , yes , that's right , me , the dumbdumb technological person could help!! Miracles can and do occur in Blogland !!

Have just had a look at some of the entries posted by other libraries and some of the photos are great .
Loved the photo of the older lady helping the child as they are both engrossed in what they are doing and shows how Libraries work across the generations.
The second photo is of a library building and I think it's quaint and much nicer to look at than some of ours , but maybe we are better resourced.
Technology is a weird and wonderful thing when you are able to browse through information and then transfer photos across and post them to your blog.
I am feeling quite proud!

Monday, January 14, 2008

post no 2

I thought I was getting the hang of things , as I read a bit about flckr , signed up with Yahoo and then I had to remember my google sign in _ oops , what was it ? I only did it yesterday!! Will try and have more of a play tomorrow as the afternoon is nearly over and those mountains beckon.

Thought this photo was of a brick wall which would have been really appropriate !! Still , with some help from Digger , I have uploaded a photo and hopefully this will all magically appear on my blog and this typing has not been in vain!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Finally decided on a blog name , after much procrastinating , so hopefully future blog decisions will be easier!! If this is step one , then I'm nearly ready for step two as long as those mountain mists don't cloud my mind. Am not at all up to date with current technology so this journey should be a real eye opener for me and as MM ( my man ) doesn't even know how to turn the computer on , no help for me from home!